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Tempo Beverages LTD

Tempo is one of the largest and longest established beverage companies in Israel. The company manufactures and markets a variety of beverages: In the beer segment, the number one Israeli beer brand, Goldstar, the award winning Maccabee beer, and the most popular premium beer Heineken, as well as famous specialties such as Paulaner, Samuel adams, Newcastle and Murphy's. In the soft drinks industry, Tempo is a franchisee of the Pepsi portfolio with world known brands such as Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Seven up & Mirinda. Other brands in the category are Jump and Cider HaGalil. Tempo's water portfolio covers the entire spectrum: San Pellegrino as the category leader in the super-premium segment, San Benedetto in the premium segment and the locally produced bottled water Aqua nova in the mainstream category. Tempo's XL is a market leader in the energy drinks category. A fully owned subsidiary, Barkan Winery LTD, is Israel's second largest winery and produces both Barkan and Segal's extensive wine portfolio. Finally, as of 2011, Tempo distributes the Pernod portfolio of spirits, Israel's largest, with the world famous Absolut vodka, Chivas, Jameson and Ballantine's whiskeys and many others.

The company employs a workforce of about 1,000 employees, and through its national distribution supplies its products directly to about 11,000 customers covering all market segments.

The first beer brewery in Israel, "Eretz Israel Beer Industries" (also known as the "Palestine Beer Brewery") is established in Rishon Lezion. The brewery's leading brand was "Nesher beer", with two kinds of beer: white, pilsner type beer, and an alcohol free malt called "Nesher Malt".
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Tempo was established in 1953 by Moshe Bornstein, a holocaust survivor who immigrated to Israel in 1951. Bornstein dreamt of a soft drink industry, inexistent at the time, for the young, newly established state of Israel (1948). Bornstein started by launching the Tempo product: a new lemon-lime flavored drink in its unique memorable bottle. The drink quickly became a hit in Israel, loved by all ages and sectors. From there on, the company quickly turned into the leading soft drinks company in Israel.

In 1985, Tempo bought the "National Brewery" in Netanya, which was originally "The Palestine Brewery", the first beer company in the country, established in 1934, and which produced Nesher, Goldstar and Maccabee beer. Following the purchase, Tempo moved all production facilities to Netanya, where they are located till this very day. Tempo's history is part of the story of Israel, and both stories are intertwined and reflect each other. Bornstein, a pioneer in his field, set guidelines that guide the company until today: Innovation and entrepreneurship.

Throughout the years, Tempo made sure to lead innovative moves that set high market standards, including the introduction of PET bottles to replace the, then in use, glass bottles. The company operates under the ISO 2000-9001 standard, which requires that all production processes be controlled and documented, from acquisition of the raw materials to delivery to the customer.

Since 2005, 40% of Tempo Beverages LTD's share capital is held by Heineken NV.