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Tempo Beverages Ltd, the oldest beverage company in Israel, has a history that dates back to 1934 when our first brewery was established in the town of Rishon Lezion and produced Nesher Beer and Nesher Malt Beverage.Today, Tempo Ltd. is one of the two largest beverage companies in Israel. We manufacture, import, market and distribute over 2.7 million hectoliters of beverages per year from our plant and headquarters in Netanya, Israel.Tempo Beverages Ltd’s production focuses on two main product lines:
1. Alcoholic beverages: beers, flavored alcoholic beverages, wines and spirits. Tempo owns the Number 1 position in the Israeli marketplace in this category.
2. Non-alcoholic soft drinks: carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, bottled water, ice tea and malt beverages.

Tempo is Israel’s largest brewery, leading the market with an approximate 55 percent market share in beer and malt beverages. In 2005, Heineken acquired a 40 percent stake in Tempo.

Tempo’s unique and original malt beverages, beers and soft drinks are exported to countries around the globe. Our drinks are enjoyed in The United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Australia and many more.

Our export beverages include:
Goldstar - Israel’s #1 Beer (info & logistics)
Shandy - A refreshing blend of beer and natural fruit flavors (info & logistics)
Maccabee - Israel’s most exported beer (info & logistics)
Malt Beverages - A Healthy Alternative (info & logistics)
Galilee Cider - A Taste of the Galilee (info & logistics)
Jump - An Energetic fruit based soft drink (info & logistics)
Jump Ice Tea - Healthy lifestyle (info & logistics)
Tempo mixers - The perfect mix (info & logistics)

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Fax: +972-9-8630712
Email: export@tempo.co.il

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