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Jacques Beer, chairman and CEO
Mr. Beer has over 30 years of experience in the Israeli beverage market. He holds business administration bachelor's and master's degrees from Columbia University, New York.
Amir Borenstein, director tempo beverages ltd & chairman barkan winery ltd
Mr. Bornstein has close to 20 years of experience in the Israeli beverage market. He has held various managerial positions in the company, in sales, operations, and marketing. He studied business administration at the College of Management.
Yoash Ben-Eliezer, deputy CEO
Joined Tempo in 2000 as a brand director in the marketing department. He then became the manager of the beer division, and in 2006 was appointed marketing director. In 2009, Mr. Ben-Eliezer was appointed deputy CEO. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and psychology and an MBA, both from Tel Aviv University.
Daniel Beer, deputy CEO - commerce & sales
Joined Tempo in 2004, and was appointed deputy CEO in 2010. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Bar-Ilan University.
Yossi Shahar, VP sales
Joined Tempo in 1998 as sales promoter and held several management positions, managing three sales channels. Shahar also served as the director of the department of commerce of Tempo's subsidiary, Barkan Winery. Shahar was CEO of the wine & spirits division from 2010 to 2012, and has been serving as VP of sales since September 2012 to this day. Shahar holds a BA degree in Business Administration.
Eyal Tregerman, VP finance
Joined Tempo in 2006 as finance VP. In the past, he was VP finance in Barkan Wineries LTD. He holds an accounting license, a bachelor's degree in business administration with a specialty in accounting and finance, and an MBA with a specialty in accounting and finances, both degrees from the College of Management.
Gil Segal, legal adviser and VP human resources
Joined Tempo in 2000 as a legal adviser. In 2006, he was appointed human resources VP and director of the legal department, his current positions. In the past he was a civil-commercial lawyer. Mr. Segal holds a law degree from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Technion.
Dani Ronat, Company engineer
Joined Tempo in 1987 as an engineer at Tempo plant in Holon. In 2005 he was appointed as the company's chief engineer, his current position. In between he served in several senior operation positions. Mr. Ronat holds mechanical engineering degree from the Technion.
Tzahi Shahak, VP logistics
Joined Tempo in 2007 as manager of the logistics headquarters. He was appointed logistics VP in early 2011. Mr. Shahak has logistics work experience from two additional food companies, and an engineering degree from the Technion.
Yossi Cohen, CIO
Mr. Cohen joined Tempo as its CIO in 2016. Prior to Tempo he held several IT positions such as Frutarom's Global CIO, ERP solutions and services director at HP, SAP division manager at Ness Technologies and more. Mr. Cohen holds a B.sc Degree in Information Systems and a Master degree in System Engineering, both from the Technion institution.
Meirav Koldorff, planning and infrastructure department manager & purchasing department manager
Joined Tempo in 2005. Responsible for production planning and control. In 2007, she was appointed planning and infrastructure department manager, her current position. In 2014 Meirav was also appointed as manager of the purchasing department. Ms. Koldorff holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and an MBA from Bar Ilan University.
Tal Vazana, Plant Manager
Joined Tempo in August 2016 as Plant Manager. Prior to Tempo he held several senior positions at Tnuva, among them dairy manager at Tene Noga and at Rehovot.
He was responsible for the realization of the new Tnuva dairy plant at Tel-Yosef, as project manager.
Mr. Vazana holds a B.Sc. Agr. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MBA from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev.