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Tempo has a long-time tradition of commitment to Israeli society and the environment. From our first days as a family company, we made sure to invest in local manufacturing, make donations, and to be involved in the community. We focus on several key issues; Involvement in and contribution to the community, protecting the environment, and providing a fair work environment and employment conditions to our employees.

Community contribution and involvement

Tempo invests resources in developing community relations from a sense of responsibility to the community in which it is working. Tempo is in contact with hundreds of organizations and NPO's, which it assists with donations of money and products worth hundreds of thousands of shekels a year. The plant's employees participate in various volunteering activities.
As the producer and marketer of various alcoholic drinks, Tempo's goals is to promote responsible drinking norms. Tempo, in cooperation with several bodies, initiated the "drink responsibly" campaign, printed on all its alcoholic products.

Protecting the environment

Tempo, who operates a large industrial plants, views protecting the environment as a very important value and invests significant resources in recycling raw materials and waste, it treats the plant's sewage, minimizes negative environmental impact and makes sure to save energy. Tempo has also launched an internal campaign under the slogan "think green" to raise employee awareness about saving energy and recycling.

Diversity and containment

Tempo considers every employee as a human being, with no relation to religion, race or gender, thus creating a diverse working environment. We employ different populations from different countries, including populations with special needs.