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Israel's most beloved and best selling beer. Red lager (in bottom fermentation) with a unique taste and aroma. Goldstar is based on a recipe dating back over 60 years from a mixture of hops to give clear and roasted taste in a traditional process which gives her the deep flavor. 4.9% alcohol.
Goldstar's Story
In 1950, for the first time, brewmaster Menachem Berliner cooked a new beer - "Gold Star".
The label of the new beer featured the Eagle from Nesher beer, the leading beer brand of the brewery in the old days. At the beginning, the new beer targeted a new and younger crowd including soldiers, and could be found on sale at military bases mini stores.
Goldstar, that at the start marketed itself as part of the Nesher beer but later changed to only Goldstar, has received great popularity, and was the first Israeli beer available as draft beer. The first pub that offered draft Goldstar was "HaMozeg" at the old central bus station in Tel - Aviv.
Over the years, the brand led numerous campaigns that won the public's attention, starring many celebrities, both Israeli and foreign. In the Sixties it was Paul Newman that appeared on the brand's commercials, sipping a glass of cold Goldstar. Other celebrities who starred in Goldstar's commercials: Yair Lapid (in a tribute to the movie "Top Gun"), Moshe Datz, Sharon Reggiano and even international model Claudia Schiffer.
In recent years, Goldstar Beer has been promoting cultural events and music festivals, including "Goldstar Sound System" events, that feature some of the most popular musicians in Israel: Berry Sakharof. Yehuda Poliker, Aviv Geffen with the Bee Gee's Robert Gibb, the Yehudim, Ivri Lider, Mosh Ben Ari, Balkan Beat Box and others. Goldstar also supports Haifa city's festival and the Goldstar Zappa clubs.
Goldstar Beer is currently the most loved and best selling beer in Israel.
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Contains alcohol – advised to avoid excessive drinking
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