Warning - excessive alcohol consumption risks life and is harmful to health!
Wine & Spirits
Tempo is a leading player in the wine & spirits market.

In the wine industry, Tempo owns Barkan Segal wineries, the second largest wineries in Israel. The wineries have over 9,000 dunams of vineyards located in Israel's finest regions. We offer luxury wines such as Barkan's elite series Superieur, the luxury series Altitude, Assemblage and Reserve, and of course, Segal's legendary unfiltered Cabarnet Sauvignon. There is also a wide variety of quality series, such as the loved Barkan Classic, Segal's Merom Galil symbolizing the link between Segal's wines and the Galilee, and others. During the years, many of our wines won local and international awards.

In the spirits industry, Tempo is the official and exclusive representative in Israel of the international liquor corporation "Pernod Ricard". We offer a wide variety of alcohol super brands, such as the iconic vodka brand Absolut, the bestselling Irish whiskey in the world, Jameson, and the luxury scotch whiskey Chivas, as well as other leading brands: Ballantine's, Glenlivet, BeefeaterRicard and others. In addition to imported beverages, Tempo produces and markets several quality spirits in the Barkan winery, including Ashkelon Arak and the alcohol brands of the Italian company Stock.