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The oldest original gin in the world.

A favorite amongst connoisseurs around the world, this gin has a unique blend of 7 plants, giving it special aromas.

Carrying 41.2% alcohol, Plymouth Gin has a mellow taste, earthy flavor notes and a lemony bite, rich harmonized aroma and a sweet finish.

Plymouth has been distilled since 1793 in the same original distillery where it was first produced: the historic Black Friars Distillery, the oldest working distillery in Plymouth, England where it got its name from.
It is customary to serve Plymouth with tonic and ice, squeezed lemon juice or lemon grass.

It can also be enjoyed in cocktails such as “Fraise Sauvage” – a great mix of Plymouth Gin with champagne and fresh strawberries.
Plymouth products in Israel
700 ml

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Warning - excessive alcohol consumption risks life and is harmful to health!
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