Does malt (black) beer contain alcohol?
No, malt (black) beer does not contain alcohol.
What is the pasteurization process?
In the pasteurization process, the beverage is heated, destroying microorganisms that may be in it. The process is usually carried out to eliminate yeast, mold, and certain types of bacteria.
What are the ingredients of Cider HaGalil?
Clear cider, 100% fruit (drink/concentrate) and carbonated cider 100% fruit (with additional CO2), contain natural apple concentrate, reconstructed to apple juice with water.
Nectar cider 50% fruit contains water, apple concentrate, sugar, malic acid and flavor enhancers.
By law, a list of ingredients is printed on the label.
How can you be contacted to make a donation?
Tempo has a long-time tradition of commitment to Israeli society, in which it assists various organizations. For donation requests, please use the online form.
Is it possible to visit Tempo's plants? When?
Tempo's plants in Netanya have a visitor center in which you can tour the plant, the brewery, and the production lines, and receive in-depth explanations on the company and the products. For further information, click here.
Is it possible to buy a one-time stock of beverages privately?
The company does not work with the private sector. For details on wholesalers in your vicinity, please contact us using one of the contact details below.
What is PET?
PolyEthyleneTerphtalat (PET) is a polymer developed for the plastic industry. Tempo uses PET for its plastic bottles.
What are E components?
E components are a method of labeling food components, listed by number, according to the EU marking convention. To view the list of E numbers, click here.
Why don't your bottles have a special diabetes label?
All the products have labels listing the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in the product.
How is it recommended to store your beverages?
It is recommended to store the beverages in a cool and shaded place. There is no need to refrigerate them unless specifically indicated on the package. After opening, refrigerate the drinks.
How can I know whether the beverages contain sensitivity-inducing ingredients?
By law, the list of the drink's ingredients appears on the package's label. Ingredients that may cause sensitivity or allergies are labeled. We recommend that anyone sensitive to a certain component  read the label before consuming the product.
Do your beverages contain gluten?
The law requires labeling products that contain over 20 ppm of gluten. We recommend that anyone sensitive to gluten read the label before consuming the product.
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