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Europe’s best-selling whisky.

Ballantine’s is a blended Scotch Whiskey that offers the biggest range of amongst high-quality whiskies.

Its blend, with an alcohol content of 40%, comes from more than 52 different malts including Miltonduff and Glenburgie, which are smooth, mellow and well-balanced as they are known to be.

The founder of the whisky, George Ballantine, was a Master Blender who began to market his whisky in 1827.
As a farmer’s son, George Ballantine lacked money, but made up for it in other skills, like ambition, talent and a good upbringing. At the age of 18, he opened a small grocery store in Edinburgh which grew in a short period of time, and started to specialize in Whisky. Later on, his business grew even more when he started to think ahead of his time, and made train deliveries. Following this great success, he opened another establishment in Glasgow. In 1895, the company began to supply different products to the Royal Family, and in 1938 the company received a Grant of Heraldic Arms by Lord Levin, as a sign of recognition.

Due to the growing success and its desire to expand, the company was bought by the Hiram Walker Distillery. In order to meet the growing demand for Ballantine Whisky, the company set up the biggest distillery in Europe, in Dumbarton, Scotland. In the 1960’s, Ballantine was a phenomenal success across Europe and in the 1980’s, was Europe’s leading brand product, and the third in the world.
Ballantine’s Product Range
Ballantine’s 12 Year Old
A rich and complex Whisky, blended from single malt and grain whiskies. The result is a well-balanced blend of honey, fruit, spice and oak flavors with a creamy body and a refreshing finish.

Ballantine’s 17 Year Old
Preserves true Scottish spirit, produced from secret components passed on from Master Blender to his successor. It is made from more than 40 different malts from four different parts of Scotland, making it a whisky with strong flavors and aroma and a complexity that develops on the palate.
Ballantine’s 17 Year Old won the gold medal “Best in Class” in 2011, and was crowned “Scottish Blend of the Year”.

Ballantine’s 21 Year Old
A rich and complex whisky for special occasions. It is considered an Elite Blended Scotch Whisky. It has a sparkling gold color with aromatic spice, with traces of heather and smoke. A long and mellow finish with hints of dried sherry.

Ballantine’s Limited
A rare and prestigious whisky, of the highest quality. It is a blend of whisky made in top quality casks, combining true Scottish input. Characterized by ripe pear and peach, combined with rich vanilla flavors. A creamy body with a long and warm finish.
Ballantine's products in Israel
Hard Fired
700 ml
Mini 50 ml
500 ml
750 ml
1 Liter
12 Years
700 ml
17 Years
750 ml
21 Years
700 ml
750 ml

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