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Stock 84 is the number one Brandy in Israel.

Produced in 1884, it is made from a young white wine, which goes through a distillation process according to Italian expertise. The Brandy, which goes through a maturation process between 4-6 years in sealed oak casks, is ranked VSOP and has an alcohol content of 40%. Years of strict monitoring over the maturation process and production, have made the Stock 84 a beverage of the highest quality with remarkable tastes.

It is distributed in over 100 countries.
Stock XO
Stock XO are made from grapes which are carefully selected, while gradually bubbling with a wheat blend, without adding Sulfate. The selected wine is moved to the distillation boilers, and by means of a careful distillation, the “Eau de Vie” is chosen, with an alcohol concentration of 70%. The “Eau de Vie” is matured in 480-500 liter oak casks, for a period of 7-10 years. It is during the maturation process that the brandy develops its unique aromas and flavors.

The Stock XO Brandy is manufactured at the Barkan Winery, subordinate to the Stock Organization and knowledge in Italy.
Stock Liqueur
A beverage with an alcohol content of 28%, based on a neutral alcoholic distillate made from grapes blended with a variety of tastes such as fruit, herbs, spices, chocolate and natural extracts of smell and taste. The liqueur is produced at the Barkan Winery, subordinate to the Stock Organization and knowledge in Italy, with a variety of flavors: Amaretto, banana, sherry, chocolate, Gala coffee, triple sec and Vishniac.

Stock Rosso Vermouth
A rich Vermouth, complex with aromatic fragrance, with an alcohol content of 16.9%. It is infused with a combination of well-balanced herbs from exotic trees, giving it an aromatic sweet and sour finish. A natural experience with a refreshing beverage.

Stock Bianco Vermouth
A smoothing Vermouth, soft and harmonized, with an alcohol content of 16.9%. Infused with a variety of sweet and aromatic herbs and spices, making the beverage subtle and light. The beverage is characterized by a vanilla aroma, and burst of botanicals.
Stock products in Israel
Stock 84
750 ml
Stock XO
750 ml
750 ml
750 ml
Chocolate Cocktail
750 ml
750 ml
750 ml
Triple Sec
750 ml
Sherry Brandy
750 ml
750 ml

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Warning - excessive alcohol consumption risks life and is harmful to health!
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